How to run customer sales report by City / State in QBO

QuickBooks Help QuestionsHow to run customer sales report by City / State in QBO
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

Has anyone found a way to run a report of Customer’s Sales by City and/or State for reporting sales for Sales tax or annual income tax filings using the company’s billing/shipping address’?

admin Staff replied 3 years ago

As you know they don’t have any such standard sales reports that you can easily filter the report by state or city or zip code.
Yes, we found a way to do this in QBO but it’s not perfect in anyway. In QBO, they’ve three custom text fields available to enter on Invoice form, you can use (if available) one of the custom fields to enter State. See screenshot below.

Invoice Custom Field

And then, you can run standard Sales by Customer Detail report. And then select Group by State under Rows/columns at the top left. . See screenshot below. Since this’s just an optional text field, you manually enter on Invoice form, you may also want to review “Not specified” tag if you’re using this for sales tax reporting purpose.

Sales by Customer Detail by State

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Lewis-H answered 10 months ago

Go to Reports.
Choose Report Center.
Select the report from the list.
On top of the report, click Filters.
Choose the custom field you want to use from the Add filter list.
Click Apply.
This works with QuickBooks for Mac as well.

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