Need to enter a starting checking account balance

QuickBooks Help QuestionsNeed to enter a starting checking account balance
Lyn Welch asked 5 years ago

I’m starting to use Quick Books Online as of 1/1/16.  I don’t want to put in last year’s transactions before I can enter them for 2016.  I just want to enter the ending balance from my 12/31/15 bank statement as the Starting Balance for 1/1/16.  How do I do that?

enter opening bank balance
enter opening bank balance


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1 Answers
admin Staff answered 5 years ago

It’s easy to add Opening Balance entry from the Bank Register. Go the Chart of Accounts (left navigation bar > transactions). Select Bank Account and click “View Register” under Action column. Select “Add” Deposit (left corner) > Date = 12/31/2015 > Account = Opening Balance Equity > Memo = Opening Balance > Deposit = amount per bank statement > Save See sample screenshot. If you’re syncing bank account to QuickBooks, it will automatically download opening balance so there is no further manual entry needed.

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