How to run QBO Manage Reports on Cash basis only

QuickBooks Help QuestionsHow to run QBO Manage Reports on Cash basis only
Kate B. asked 3 years ago

How to run QBO Manage Reports on Cash basis only?
The Management Reports defaults to Accrual basis only. I can’t change them to Cash basis even if I change it on company settings.

admin Staff replied 3 years ago

Yes, that’s true. It is not possible to change the Management Reports default to Cash basis only. The only workaround is to customize the financial reports you need on the cash basis first and then add the customize reports to the management reports. You will need to create a new template name and delete the reports currently in the template. To delete, just click the pencil icon and you will see trash icon to delete. Since you can’t sort the reports once it’s in the template, you will need to add an order sequence you want to display it on the table of contents.
Note: Intuit has hard-wired certain reports to accrual only, so you can’t change it.

Management Report Add Delete Icons

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