how-to-import-inventory-with-quantity-video-tutorial -how can I delete all the items I imported?

QuickBooks Help Questionshow-to-import-inventory-with-quantity-video-tutorial -how can I delete all the items I imported?
Diana asked 5 years ago

Hey there! I\\\’ve just seen your tutorial and it was the best I have found in youtube, thanks! Everything is perfectly explained, I imported my test excel file and work perfectly. The only question I have is, how can I delete all the items I imported? I created a new .xls file with some of our real items and I imported it, but the ones of the test (and the amounts) are still in QB. How can I delete them? Thanks for your reply and again for the video tutorial. Diana

Hello Diana,

Thank you for asking this great question!

In QBO, you can’t delete many listings. You can make item ‘inactive’ but not permanently ‘delete’ it. To make active item ‘inactive’, you will take the following steps:
From the products/services list:

  • click the checkbox to delete items (at the far left)
  • select ‘Make inactive’ under ‘Batch actions’ drop-down box (at the far right corner)
  • see screenshot below

It will just stay there as inactive items. You can make it active again (one-by-one) if needed (click checkbox and select make active under action column).

make item inactive
make item inactive


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