How does the unbilled activity work in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Help QuestionsHow does the unbilled activity work in QuickBooks Online
Nina B. asked 3 years ago

How does the Unbilled activity work in QuickBooks Online?

admin Staff replied 3 years ago

The primary purpose of Unbilled is to create an invoice for time and charges.

In QuickBooks, Unbilled activity comes from two sources:
Unbilled time
Unbilled charges

Entering timesheet and make it billable and will create unbilled time to create an Invoice to Customer. This could be for an employee, contractor or vendor. If you’ve QuickBooks Payroll, employee timesheet will post to generate payroll. Entering timesheet for contractor or vendor will not create expenses, primarily for creating an invoice. You will still need to create an expense to make a vendor payment.

Entering expense form and make it billable to a customer will serve two purposes
a) will create expense transaction
b) by selecting a billable box will link that cost (option: with markup or no markup) for invoicing to a customer.

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