How do I add "Timesheet" Only personnel to track time

QuickBooks Help QuestionsHow do I add "Timesheet" Only personnel to track time
Erin B. asked 3 years ago

How do I add “Timesheet Only” personnel to track time?

admin Staff replied 3 years ago

As a Master Admin of the account, you can invite employees as a user to do timesheets only.

To add “timesheets only” user follow the steps below:

– Choose Gear Icon at top right > Your Company > Account and Settings > Manage Users.
– Click the Add user button on the right.
– Select which type of user you’d like them to be and follow the corresponding steps:
– Select Time tracking and click Next
– Select the Employee or Contractor or Supplier name that you’re inviting to fill out their timesheet.
– Enter the new user’s e-mail address and name. Click Save.

Tip: Time Tracking Only users do not count toward the company’s total number of users. In essence, they are “free” users.

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