Enter an ACH Online Payment to a Visa Credit Card (QB Online 2016)

QuickBooks Help QuestionsEnter an ACH Online Payment to a Visa Credit Card (QB Online 2016)
Anonymous asked 5 years ago

Though I’ve done a ton in QB Desktop, fairly new to QB Online. I’m newly supporting a bookkeeping business, and remotely sent a set of Visa statements to enter, but with no bank access or checking/saving statements.
How do I properly enter a Visa ACH Online Payment (Credit) that has no details of where it’s coming from?
I could do a journal entry to Owner Draw, or A “Credit Card Credit” from the Gear Icon, but neither is technically correct.
I know, it has to come from somewhere, but when you’re asked to enter the transactions and reconcile each month as you go, you have to move on…..

If your current task is to reconcile “Credit Card Register” without having any way of knowing where the payments are coming from (sources unknown) and have no access to review bank accounts on the books, I would temporarily just set up credit payments as “Other Current Liabilities” type account and name it, for example, “Payments to Chase VISA Credit Card” account.This way you can, at least, finish reconciliation process. Of course, you will need to find out later and reclassify to correct account type.

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