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Denise Housley asked 3 years ago

In calculating commission reports, the total invoices INCLUDE SHIPPING. How can I get a total without shipping? We don’t want to pay commissions on shipping charges on the invoice.
Thank you

admin Staff replied 3 years ago

If you’are using the Customer Sales reports, you’re right. Shipping Income is not a split transaction and it’s included as part of the total income. You will need to use some other reports (like Profit and Loss Details Report) to get sales income only to calculate sales rep commission.

Also, make sure you’ve using separate shipping account to track shipping income. See screenshot below for reference.

Setup Shipping Income Account

And then, you can run the P&L report for actual product/service income only. You will need to customize the report by filtering specific income account only. You can also filter at the customer level. See screenshot below.

Profit and Loss Detail Report sorted by account/customer

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