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Marvin Sy Hung asked 2 years ago

I am from the Philippines, planning to use QBO.  I have two questions.  First, is it possible to run QBO without the Banking connection?  My bank cannot connect with QBO.  Or, is there any workaround for this? My second question is can you customize check layout for checks by Philippines Banks?     Thanks!

admin Staff replied 2 years ago

Question 1:
Yes, there is no need to have banking “connect” in order to use QuickBooks Online. You can definitely add transactions without connecting your bank account. If you want you can just upload transactions (CSV file) manually to the banking > for review tab. Or completely ignore left dashboard Banking and manually enter transactions either using “+” sign on top or directly to bank register (left dashboard > accounting > chart of accounts > choose bank account > click “View Register” and ADD transactions. You can watch our world famous video tutorial related to this topic ( ).

Banking Connect or No Connect

Question 2:
Currently, there is no way to customize Check layout in QBO.

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