Is there a way to show Customer address information on the Receive Payment Form? We have several customers with names that are close, and I like to verify by address.

You can find by Invoice Number, but not by Customer address or zip code at this time.

Alternative choice is to use directly from the Customer Center where you can verify address before recording payment. And, that may be much quicker as well.

From the home page screen > go the blue navigation bar on the left > select customers > go to small middle gear in the middle right section (next to print icon and export to excel icon)

From the Gear drop-down > choose Address > Page will refresh with Address column added

Now you have Customer name as well as to verify that customer’s address.

Next go to Action column (last column on far right) > select Receive Payment from the drop-down list. It will take you to the Receive Payment page with outstanding transactions checked. Verify payment received on invoice. Choose Save and Close button. It will take you back to the Customer Center again.

receive payment from customer center