How to enter historical sales income received to track as sales transactions by the customer instead of as a bank deposit to income in QBO

Case: You have sales income received before you bought QuickBooks Online. Now, you would like to post as sales transactions and also be able to track sales by customer. And just you don’t want to make a deposit in the bank account and use an income as the account category in QBO. Making bank deposits as income will not show up on the Sales dashboard as Sales Transactions, you will need to create a Sales form like Sales Receipt in QBO.

The best time-saving way to enter these transactions in QBO is directly through the bank register and add as a sales receipt.

Here is how to do it:
From the homepage dashboard > select Accounting > select Chart of Accounts. Once you are on the Chart of Accounts, select Bank and click View Register under Action column at the far right corner. Once you’re on the Bank Register page, select the “Add sales receipt” right DATE column at the far left. Select Date as shown on the bank statement as a deposit item. Select Payee as your Customer. (If Customer is not known at this time, just create one as “Pre-QBO sales” or something like that for all sales). Enter the Memo field if you have information or leave it blank. Enter the Deposit amount and Save.

Note: If you have to split sales by income account or deposit involves sales tax or other items then you will need to create a Sales Receipt directly from the Create plus (+”) from the menu at the top right side.

Bank Register > Add Sales Receipt