How to customize an expenses by vendor detail report in new QuickBooks Online?

Run built-in standard Profit and Loss Detail Report and customize it get expenses by vendor.
To Profit and Loss Detail Report:
From the home page screen
Select blue navigation bar on the left
Select “Reports”
Select Go to report (small magnifying gals icon) and type “Profit and Loss Detail”
Select Profit and Loss Detail from the drop-down list
This report will include both income and expense accounts
Select desired transaction date and click run report
Select Customize button (upper left corner)
Go to Distribution Account under Lists heading
Select Multiples (move cursor up to find Select Multiple..)
Select all Expense and COGS accounts from the list (hold Shift key on keyboard and select accounts)
Select Add button (now you have all the accounts under Account Filter List)
Click OK button
Default for this report is sorted by date
If you want this report sorted by Vendor (it will say NAME), Go to Sort By filter and change from “Default” to “Name”
Optional: Go to Header/Footer section and change the Report Title from Profit and Loss Detail to Expenses by Vendor Detail Report
Click “Run Report” button at the bottom

Customize the report more if needed.
Select “Save Customizations” blue button if you need to make this a standard report.

Now, you can even download to Excel spreadsheet and use available Pivot Table to filter more. And, be a star in your company.

Accounts to include in report

customize profit and loss detail

expenses by vendor detail

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