How to adjust columns width on Invoices in new QuickBooks Online

You can finally re-size columns on Invoices.

From the home page screen

  • Select Create (+) sign (upper-middle)
  • Select Invoice under Customers heading
  • Select “Customize” at the bottom middle
  • Select “Columns”
  • Select + or – to resize width of the Invoice column
  • Save
  • See attached screenshot photo for reference
Invoice Columns Width
Invoice Columns Width


  1. There’s no option to select Columns!
    And in editing Content, why is the Description checkmark greyed out so I can’t select it and make it wider? For some reason it is terribly narrow and invoices are spilling onto extra pages!

    1. Description checkmark is grayed out because you must have also selected product/service description as well. So, uncheck description box for product/service, then you can select separate description box. Hope this helps!

      column description box

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