How can I make batch changes to categorized transactions without having to go through and click every single one of them in my register

Here is how to modify your transactions by batch so you’ll not go through each and every single one of them in your register:

With your expense transactions, you can visit the Expenses menu from the left Dashboard. You can filter the transaction you want to update except Split transaction, then categorize them.

  • Go to the Expenses menu from the left Dashboard.
  • Select the Expenses tab.
  • Click the Filter drop-down.
  • Choose Type, Dates, and Category as you need.
  • Select Apply.
  • Choose the transaction by clicking the box beside the Date column.
  • Click the Batch actions drop-down arrow, then select Categorize selected.
  • Select the correct category by clicking the drop-down arrow in the Categorize Selected window.
  • Click Apply.

In this example below, it shows how to batch recategorize expenses from the Purchases account category to the Purchases-1 account category.

Note: Batch action will not work on split transactions. Split transaction means more than one account has been used to record the transaction.