How to set it up and enter bank Line of Credit (LOC) transactions in new QuickBooks Online?

To track a line of credit (LOC) extended to your business, create a liability account with an opening balance of zero in your Chart of Accounts. From the Home page screen Go to the Company Gear (right upper-corner) Select Chart of Accounts under Settings header Select blue “New” button (right corner) New “Account” information screen will open Category […]

Why is every report not listed under All Reports in new QuickBooks Online?

Why is every report not listed under All Reports? How is it possible to review what reports are available, if they are not listed? I am not happy with this setup. From blue navigation bar on the left Select Reports Just “Go to report” with magnifying glass (above recommended link, middle left corner) This is […]

I need to track revenues and expenses across multiple lines of business. Does QuickBooks Online Plus support profit and cost centers?

You can establish Profit and Cost Centers by enabling Class tracking feature in new QuickBooks Online Plus. To enable Class tracking feature: From the Home page screen Select the Company Gear (top upper corner) Select Company Settings under Settings header Select Company Select/Double Click to enable “Track Classes On” under Categories

How to view all uncleared / uncashed checks in new QuickBooks Online?

To check the status on a check you can run a Check detail report Select the blue navigation bar on the left Select Reports Go to Report (magnifying glass) and type Check Select “Check Detail”from the dropdown selector list This report will provide all issued checks. Once report is open click Customize button (top left […]

How can I undo the previous bank reconciliations in new QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online doesn’t have an Undo Last Reconciliation feature. To unreconcile a reconciliation you’ll need to unreconcile each transaction via the register. To access and print a previous reconciliation report: From the gear icon go to Reconcile. Choose the account from the drop-down list. Click on the desired reconciliation report. Once the report is open, […]

How to undo a bank reconciliation without clicking of all the Rs manually in the registers in new QuickBooks Online?

There is no easy answer. Removing the Rs from the register can turn into a long, tedious process. Unfortunately, QuickBooks Online doesn’t currently have a way written into the program to undo a reconcile all at once. If you feel the reconcile must be undo, then we do require that reconciles be undone transaction by […]

How to change cash flow forecast beginning balance in new QuickBooks Online?

In QBO, Cash Flow Forecast beginning balance is based on accrual basis accounting method. And, it is fixed. No way to change it from accrual to cash. If you are running the Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss reports, you will need run on accrual basis as well to match with Cash Flow Forecast report? […]

Capital Expenditure Issues?

We are building an IT platform with custom software, the costs of which can be considered capex (capital expenditure) and capitalised on the balance sheet as an asset but I cannot see which account in QBO to do this? It’s generally part of Fixed Assets Category Type. Click Company Gear > select Chart of Account […]

How many reports are currently available in new QuickBooks Online? How to check reports?

From the home page screen Go to blue navigation bar on the left Select Reports Select “Go to report” (spyglass) These are standard reports currently available in new QuickBooks Online Plus? A/P AGING DETAIL A/P AGING SUMMARY A/R AGING DETAIL A/R AGING SUMMARY ACCOUNT LISTING Audit Log BALANCE SHEET BALANCE SHEET SUMMARY BILL PAYMENT LIST […]