How do I apply a Class or a Location Tracking to a Bank Transfer transaction? I need to run Balance Sheet by Class/Location.

When you do a transfer transaction using Bank Transfer Form (Create + sign > Other > Transfer), transferring funds from one account to another, you do not see a field where you can apply a class and a division on the transaction. This may be very critical data to run reports. If this information is […]

How can I run the budget by month? I only see an option to print the total.

Run built-in standard “Budget Overview” report. From the home page screen > blue navigation bar on the left > reports > go to report > type “Budget Overview” to run report Select “Customize” button Go to “Rows/Columns” Select “Accounts vs Months” under “Show Grid” heading Optional: Numbers > Show All Numbers > “Without Cents” check-box Run Report

How do I get a report (or print a report) containing just my Bank Register in new QuickBooks Online?

Since you cannot print directly from the Bank Register, you will need to use the built-in ACCOUNT QUICK REPORT from the Chart of Accounts. You will get the same information as you would see on the Bank Register. From the home page screen Select the Company Gear (upper right corner) Select Chart of Accounts under Settings heading Highlight […]

What to do when beginning balance is way off since last bank reconciliation?

There is no simple and easy answer. There may be couple of reasons why the beginning balance could change. 1) Edited or changed transaction amount after reconciliation 2) Deleted transaction amount after reconciliation 3) Changed the “R” status manually from the bank register In other words, prior months financials were restated after the bank reconciliation. […]

How to show the profit and loss reports for the past 3 or more years?

It is very easy to run historical financial data in new QuickBooks. From the home page screen Go to the blue navigation bar on the left Select Reports Go to report (magnifying glass) and type Profit and Loss Select “Profit and Loss” from the drop down selection Select “Customize” button Go to “Transaction Date” change […]

Is there a way to generate a timesheet / report that I can send to my customer?

You run “TIME ACTIVITIES BY CUSTOMER DETAIL” report for what you need for your customer. There is no way to print Weekly Timesheet in new QuickBooks. To print (or email) TIME ACTIVITIES BY CUSTOMER DETAIL report From the home page screen Go the blue navigation bar on the left Select Reports Go to report (magnifying glass) and […]