Is there a way to show Customer address information on the Receive Payment Form? We have several customers with names that are close, and I like to verify by address.

You can find by Invoice Number, but not by Customer address or zip code at this time. Alternative choice is to use directly from the Customer Center where you can verify address before recording payment. And, that may be much quicker as well. From the home page screen > go the blue navigation bar on […]

How can I refund a customer overpayment in new QuickBooks Online QBO

Customer overpaid an invoice, now showing a credit. How can I write a check that is applied against that credit? QuickBooks Online – how can I refund a customer overpayment in new QuickBooks Online QBO

How to record overpayment on Invoice by customer in new QuickBooks?

From the home page screen Select Create (+) sign Select “Receive Payment” under Customers heading Select “Amount Received” and enter payment amount Select Outstanding Transactions and check applicable Invoice payment If it’s over-payment, it will leave credit balance on customer’s A/R account.

How to handle early payment discount taken to an invoice when a customer pays on time? Example: 1% 10, Net 30 or 2% 10, Net 30

In ideal accounting process, I would think handling discount taken by the customer would be part of “Receive Payment” form screen. They will have the additional line to enter discounts given to the customer as negative amount entered and thereby would match customer payment amount. Since QBO Receive Payment screen is unable to handle this […]

QuickBooks Online (QBO) Tutorial – Customer Invoice, Sales Receipt, Receive Payment, Bank Deposit

This QBO tutorial video is a step-by-step guide to complete invoicing process (Customer Invoicing, Sales Receipt, Receive Payment and Bank Deposit). It covers how to handle all forms of payments like check, credit card, debit card, PayPal and Amazon payments. It explains how to record merchant service fees as well as PayPal and Amazon fees. […]