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How do you upgrade my QuickBooks Online (QBO) during the free trial period?

In most cases, QuickBooks Online offers upgrades from your current product!

The best way to see your upgrade options is from the home page, click the “Company Gear” icon (upper right corner) > Your Account under your company heading > Upgrade.

When you click Upgrade, you will be presented with your choices for upgrading, as well as the features and pricing for each choice. Be aware that there is no option to downgrade once you have decided on a different version.

To upgrade, click Upgrade for the product you want. Depending on your current version, you may have to enter credit card information.

If you have any further questions about upgrading, features or pricing, please call our Customer Care department at 800.488.7330 and they can help you!

Upgrade Your Account Gear

Upgrade Your Account

Upgrade Your Account Choices

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I forgot my password. How do I reset it in new QuickBooks Online?

Click Can’t access your account? > I forgot my password, and the flow will go like this:

  1. Enter the correct user ID.
  2. Click Send Email.
  3. Open the email and click the link inside the email (don’t delete this email).
  4. On this screen, you’ll enter the confirmation code from the email and your new password twice.
  5. Click Change Password.
  6. You’ll get a confirmation page that the password has been updated and an email notifying you of the change.
  7. Go to and try signing in again with your new password.

Would rather watch YouTube video to follow a list of steps?

Think it might be your user ID?



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How do I transfer the Master Administrator role? I have a new Administrator, how do I change the master administrator?

You must be signed in as the Master Administrator in order to transfer the role to another user. If you are not the current Master Administrator, please ask the current Master Administrator to follow the steps below. The user who will become the new Master Administrator must be an active Company Administrator with an email account.

  1. Log into QBO using the Master Administrator’s user ID and password. (The sign-in page is:
  2. Click the “gear” icon > Manage Users.
  3. Click the Transfer Master Administrator button on the left side of the screen. If this button does not appear, you are not signed in as the Master Administrator.
  4. In the Transfer To drop-down list, select the name of the new administrator.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. If the user to whom you wish to transfer the role does not appear in the drop-down list, click Cancel to return to theManage Users page. You will need to make the desired user a Company Administrator. Make sure an email address is included for the user. These steps will generate an email to the person being invited to become the new Master Administrator. That person will need to accept the invitation in the email.
  7. Sign out.

Important: The Master Administrator role does not get transferred until the invitation is accepted by the new person.

You must be a Master Administrator or a Company Administrator to add a new user.  If the user you’d like to transfers rights to hasn’t been added, you will need add him/her before the transfer can take place.

Adding a new user who will be the new Master Administrator:

  1. Click the “gear” icon > Manage Users.
  2. Click the New button at the bottom-right.
  3. Select Company Administrator and then click Next.
  4. Enter the new user’s email address and their name. Click Next.
  5. Complete the screens until you get to the last one and then click Finish.
  6. Sign out.

When you click Finish, an email will be sent to the new user. Tell them to read the email and then click the link which is in the word HERE. If they already have a QuickBooks Online user ID and password, they can use it. If not, this is where they create their user ID and password.

Once the user has been invited and the user ID and password has been created for the new user, you must sign in as the Master Administrator in order to transfer the role to another user.

In order to transfer Master Administrator rights to a user, that user must be a Company Administrator.

To change a limited or regular user to a Company Administrator:

  1. Click the “gear” icon > Manage Users.
  2. Find the user you’d like to edit and click on their name to highlight.
  3. At the bottom right, click on the Edit button.
  4. In the upper right of the User Information page, click the Change button.
  5. Select Company Administrator and click Next.
  6. Click Finish.
  7. Click Save.
  8. The user will need to sign out and sign back in for the access rights change to appear.

If for some reason it is impossible to contact or work with the current Master Administrator, please contact Intuit customer care by choosing Help, then clicking Contact Us.



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How much does Quickbooks Online charge me for every direct deposit made

Quickbooks Online does not charge you for every direct deposit made. Direct Deposit is included with QBO payroll fee. Quickbooks Online charges a flat fee of $39.00 a month for payroll. This monthly rate includes

  • Free direct deposit
  • Live phone support
  • Pay W-2 employees and file payroll taxes
  • Run unlimited payroll each month
  • Automatically calculate federal and state payroll taxes
  • Give employees and subcontractors limited access to enter time worked and more

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How do I search for my Invoices by the Customer PO number in new QuickBooks Online?

From the home page screen

  • Select “Search Transactions” icon (magnifying glass, top middle screen)
  • Select “Advanced Search”
  • Search = Invoices
  • Change “Customers” default to “Custom Field” assigned for Customer PO Number (It could be Field 1 or Field 2 or Field 3)
  • Select “Search” button
Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass

How do I search for my Invoices by the Customer PO number in new QuickBooks Online

Qatar Airways NY

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Which QBO subscription level is right for my business?

They currently offer three versions.

Here are some product descriptions to review it.

Simple Start version:

Create & manage invoices. Track sales & expenses. Apply sales tax.

Essentials version:

All Simple Start features. In addition, users can: import data from QuickBooks, manage online banking, monitor your business, get industry stats/trends, create estimates, delayed&recurring billing.

Plus version:

All Essentials features. In addition, users can: track inventory, create purchase orders, track and bill time, prepare 1099s, create budgets.

Like to subscribe it. Click this banner link below for more information.

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How to bookmark QuickBooks pages in new QuickBooks Online?

How to bookmark QuickBooks pages?

I am missing a button that will allow me to move from one transaction (for example invoice, bank account, profit & loss and so on) to the next without having to close and open the next one.

Since QuickBooks Online is web browser based accounting software, you can bookmark almost any page for quick access — including checking, invoice, and reports.
If your QuickBooks taskflow consists of going to the same set of pages every day, it is better to bookmark them so you can get in and out faster,
Here’s how to bookmark pages using the Chrome browser.
But you can use any other browsers that QuickBooks supports.

Note: Tip#1 on navigating new QuickBooks > use Google Chrome browser. Intuit’s new QuickBooks Online product is not fully compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

How to create a bookmark in Chrome?

  • Open the QuickBooks page you want to bookmark. Let’s say you enter a lot of invoices so you want to bookmark the invoice form. Click the star icon at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Change the name of the bookmark as you like it.
  • Choose a folder to add (or create a new folder for QBO only by selecting “choose another folder” at the bottom) the bookmark to a folder, or choose Bookmarks Bar to add it directly to the bookmarks bar.
  • Your folder of bookmarks can look like this.
    1. QBO

  • Invoice
  • Checking
  • Profit & Loss
  • You can reorder the bookmarks and even nest them in sub-folders if you like.

How to bookmark QuickBooks pages in new QuickBooks Online

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I have my company back up on a thumb drive. I would like to restore it on my QB’s online

You cannot import directly from external USB drive. You still need QuickBooks desktop version to export company file to new QuickBooks Online version.

For detailed instructions on the conversion process from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks Online, please see this article:

Click to access QBDTImport.pdf

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How to see “Keyboard Shortcuts” like save and close and many others in new QuickBooks Online? Also, I want to find our company Id number.

To see all keyboard shortcuts in new QuickBooks
From any home page screen or any logged on QBO screen

  • Click Ctrl Alt and / (forward slash) Key
  • New screen will open with all keyboard shortcuts as well as Your Company ID.
  • Click OK button once it’s done.
qbo keyboard shortcuts
qbo keyboard shortcuts