How to add Inventory in new QuickBooks Online Plus?

In current QuickBooks Online, inventory accounting features are very limited. Inventory feature is available in QuickBooks Online Plus only. Inventory feature is not available in QBO Essentials or Simple Start. To turn on Inventory tracking feature: Click on the Company Gear on the upper right hand corner and select Company Settings Click on the Sales […]

How to make quantity on hand inventory adjustment and how would that affect P&L in new QuickBooks Online?

How to make quantity on hand inventory adjustment in new QBO? From the homepage screen, go the Company Gear Select Products and Services under Lists heading Locate and double click on the product need adjustment Click Update button Enter NEW quantity on hand Tab It will automatically show the difference (plus or minus) That’s it! […]

How to setup inventory in new QuickBooks Online Plus?

This inventory tracking/COGS features are available in QuickBooks Online PLUS. It is not available in QuickBooks Online Essentials or Simple Start. Make sure Inventory setup is enabled under preferences settings. From the company gear (from upper right corner), select company settings Select Products and Services Check Quantity/Price Rate and Quantity on Hand (Inventory Tracking) See […]

How to create a purchase order, receive inventory, enter bill and pay bill to vendor?

To create Purchase Order: GO to “+” sign (top middle) Select Purchase Order Create Purchase Order To receive inventory and enter bill: GO to “+” sign (top middle) Select “Bill” under Vendors heading Select “Vendor” from the list (top left) On right side “Purchase Order” add to link pop-up Click “Add” link It will automatically […]