Capital Expenditure Issues?

We are building an IT platform with custom software, the costs of which can be considered capex (capital expenditure) and capitalised on the balance sheet as an asset but I cannot see which account in QBO to do this? It’s generally part of Fixed Assets Category Type. Click Company Gear > select Chart of Account […]

How to import Chart of Accounts in new QuickBooks Online?

Here are the steps needed to import the Chart of Accounts: From the gear icon go to Import Data and choose Chart of Accounts. Read the checklist before importing and make sure your file fits the requirements for import (must be a .csv or Excel file format and must have Account Type and Name fields). I recommend downloading this sample […]

How can I turn off the automatic download feature for bank and credit card accounts?

I want to download bank and credit card transactions manually from time to time. How Can I turn off the automatic download feature? This is actually something QuickBooks Online does in the background. There is no preference for it. You can disconnect the download then reconnect it later. From the Blue Navigation Bar on the […]