Can I change the default A/R or A/P account in QuickBooks Online

Can I change the default A/R or A/P account in QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Help QuickBooks Online (QBO) is not designed to work with multiple Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) accounts. The initial AR and AP accounts, or those selected during conversion, will be the default accounts. We encourage our customers to merge their […]

How do I fix unapplied cash payment income and unapplied cash bill payment expense

You may see two accounts for UNAPPLIED cash payments if you report Profit and Loss on a cash basis. It will automatically trigger to these two accounts simply because you have entered certain deposit and payment transactions differently than normal flow in QBO. These two accounts are automatically added to the Chart of Accounts when […]

How should I really enter refund by a Vendor in new QuickBooks Online?

I followed the refund by a vendor. I entered as a deposit. But then it does not show in the vendor’s transaction listing. How should I really enter this type of transaction? At this point, they do not have have any designated way to record this transaction. It is just work-around approach to show in […]

How do I record negative (credit) Vendor (Supplier) Bill in new QuickBooks Online?

How do I record negative Vendor bill? If it’s for vendor’s (or supplier’s) credit bill: Click Create “+” sign in the middle (see attached screenshot below for reference) Select “Vendor Credit” under Vendors It will leave credit balance on Accounts Payable under Vendor’s Name. New QuickBooks Online Plus – How to enter various expenses in […]

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