QuickBooks Online QBO Tutorial for Beginners – August 2016

How would you like to learn QuickBooks in 90 minutes? This FREE video tutorial is specifically designed for beginners in mind. You will learn QuickBooks Online the right way from the start. It covers all the basics you need to learn and offers some helpful tips. If you are looking for step-by-step educational guidance and ready to learn QBO, this is the one. And this video is produced by Top International QuickBooks Trainer, VPController.

How can I print a Check Register or Check Listing only in new QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

I Only want it to show Date, Check Number, Vendor Name and the Amount of the check. For a certain date range say for example day, week, month, etc.

From the home screen page
Go the blue navigation bar

  • Select Reports
  • Go to report (magnifying glass) and type Balance Sheet
  • Select Balance Sheet Report
  • Balance Sheet report will open.
  • Find the bank account you want the check register for, then click on the amount next to the account name.
  • Change transaction dates to reflect the range you’d like to see.
  • Click “Customize” button (upper left corner)
  • Go to Lists
  • Select Transaction Type
  • Choose “Select Multiple” from the dropdown
  • Add “Check” from the list
  • Add “Bill Payment (Check)” from the list
  • Click OK button
  • Go to Rows/Columns and select Change Columns
  • Remove “Memo/Description”
  • Remove “Account”
  • Remove “Split”
  • Remove “Balance”
  • Click OK button
  • Go to Header/Footer
  • Change Report Title from “Transaction Report” to Bank Name Check Register”
  • Click blue “Run Report” button

Select “Print” or “Excel” button as your choice.

How can I print a Check Register or Check Listing only in new QuickBooks Online

How to change in a number of rows in a check register?

You change a number of rows to be displayed on one page from the middle gear icon from 50 to 300 rows. See attached screenshot below for reference.

check register rows
check register rows

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