Is it possible in the new QB Online to finally change the column width on invoices?

Yes, it’s available now. You can finally re-size columns on Invoices. From the home page screen Select Create (+) sign (upper-middle) Select Invoice under Customers heading Select “Customize” at the bottom middle Select “Columns” Select + or – to resize width of the Invoice column Save See attached screenshot photo for reference More improvements are […]

QuickBooks Online Improvements Updated on Aug 25 2014

They have announced few improvements to QuickBooks Online on August 25, 2014. Some improvements are definitely time saver. Here are some of the improvements worth mentioning here! #1 New keyboard shortcut. Press the Esc key on your keyboard to close transaction forms (invoice, expense, etc.) and the screen will come back to where you started. […]

What are the new improvements in QuickBooks Online just announced in May, 2014?

These are the new improvements in QuickBooks Online posted on 5/23/2014. Smart one is able to hide financials from the home page if necessary. Not so smart one is to move “Print Checks” feature to somewhere under Transactions > Expenses. Source: