How do I create a Profit and Loss Report by Month for entire last year

New Redesigned report format (still in QuickBooks Labs): From the home page screen, go the left navigation bar and select Reports Go to report (search field) and type Profit and Loss Run the regular Profit and Loss Report Under “Report period” tab, select “Last year” (or report period as you need it) Under Display columns […]

How to show the profit and loss reports for the past 3 or more years?

It is very easy to run historical financial data in new QuickBooks. From the home page screen Go to the blue navigation bar on the left Select Reports Go to report (magnifying glass) and type Profit and Loss Select “Profit and Loss” from the drop down selection Select “Customize” button Go to “Transaction Date” change […]

Can you run Profit and Loss per Customer Invoice in new QuickBooks Online?

t would be really nice if you can get PnL by invoice or Pnl by product item. At this time, new QuickBooks Online Plus can not provide with such financial report. No such reports are available even though certain cost exist data may already in the QBO file. If you are selling inventory items and […]