#QuickBooks #QBO What is the maximum digits you can use for a check number

A check number can be of up to 21 digits. To sign up QuickBooks for a free trial from US Canada UK and Australia, bookmark this URL link > www.newqbo.com/sign/     #QuickBooks Online  

Can I print check directly from the bank register?

No, you cannot print check directly from the bank register. You can enter as Check type in bank register and then, print the Check from the QBO designated Check form. To do that: Enter transaction as Check type in Bank Register and Save. Highlight or click on the entered transaction, you will see a bar […]

Where do I adjust the vertical position on checks in new QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

To adjust the vertical position on your checks, you will first need to locate the Print Check Queue. There are two ways to get to the Print Check Queue: Click the Create menu (plus sign top center) then select Print Checks (if you have a small menu click Show More) or Click Transactions on the […]