QuickBooks Online QBO Tutorial for Beginners – August 2016

How would you like to learn QuickBooks in 90 minutes? This FREE video tutorial is specifically designed for beginners in mind. You will learn QuickBooks Online the right way from the start. It covers all the basics you need to learn and offers some helpful tips. If you are looking for step-by-step educational guidance and […]

How can I transfer unapplied credit from one customer to another in QuickBooks Online

A case may occur when a customer wants to apply credit balance to an affiliated company’s open invoice. EXAMPLE: Customer (Mark) has a $500 credit balance. Customer (Martha) has a $500 Open Invoice. They like to clear the accounts by applying $500 credit from Mark’s account to $500 Open Invoice of Martha’s account. One easy […]

How can I record a credit memo to a member (customer) and also have it record an expense?

Example: My Club charges $200 monthly dues. Member bought $30 office supplies with receipt. How to record in new QuickBooks so it will show $170 Net amount due on Customer’s account screen. My Club charges monthly dues. Create Invoice for $200 as a regular invoice  When members purchase things for the organization/club Create Credit Memo […]

How to refund to customer remaining balance of a credit memo in the form of a check to customer?

In order to refund customer by check, from the home page screen, go to plus (+) sign Select “Check” under Vendors heading Payee = Customer’s Name from the list (that you are writing check payable to) ACCOUNT = Accounts Receivable (A/R) AMOUNT = Refund check amount SAVE Go back Customer center (blue navigation bar on […]