How to batch switch from service items to non-inventory parts without going into each individual item

You can batch “Change type” from service to non-inventory type or non-inventory to service in QBO. However, for service to inventory or non-inventory to inventory type, you can’t do batch change type, you will need to edit and change one item at a time. To make batch “Change type” from service to non-inventory type: 1) […]

I just did a batch action from the banking center and added all expenses to the same category. How do I undo that action?

Using batch action in bank feed, you moved banking transactions from “New Transactions” tab to “In QuickBooks” column area. In order to “Undo” transactions, go to “In QuickBooks” column and select items from the list to move it back to new transactions tab > select Batch actions > choose UNDO. That will bring it back […]

Is there a way to mass print several hundred past journal entries which were made in Quickbooks online?

There is no way to batch print actual journal entries in new QuickBooks. In fact, there is no print button in QBO, to print actual journal entry that you see on screen at all. To add this new feature request, add your voice here. I have already done so in the past.

How do I batch print unprinted Sales Receipts now in new QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

From the home page screen Go the blue navigation bar on the left Select Transactions Select Sales Filter these transactions by”Sales Receipts” (Type) and “To be Printed” (Delivery Status) under the status drop down menu Click blue “Apply” button Click Batch Transactions Select Print Transactions Give few seconds to load to be printed pages Click […]

I accidentally sent out a batch of invoices by email. How to figure out which ones got sent in new QuickBooks Online?

From the Homepage screen, go to the blue navigation bar on the left Select Transactions Select Customer Select Gear (Not the company gear located top upper corner. This one is located in the right middle corner next printer and excel icons) Select “Email” and “Status” from the dropdown selector See screenshot photos below for reference […]