How do I add to my bank register

This video will give you the step-by-step guide on how to enter transactions in a bank register. If you’ve just started QuickBooks Online and still wants to just add to your bank register (aka check register) like old way in QuickBooks desktop, this is the best video tutorial to watch. You can learn QBO in 23 minutes.

QuickBooks Online – Bank Register (old easy way to manually enter the banking transactions in QBO)

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My bank balance is different than actual balance in QuickBooks register

QuickBooks Online – My bank balance is different than actual balance in QuickBooks register.

Different balance, why?
1. Outstanding checks
2. Deposits in transit
3. New Transactions for connected account
4. Duplicate transactions
5. Editing or deleting transactions
6. Beginning balance

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QuickBooks Online QBO Tutorial for Beginners – August 2016

How would you like to learn QuickBooks in 90 minutes? This FREE video tutorial is specifically designed for beginners in mind. You will learn QuickBooks Online the right way from the start. It covers all the basics you need to learn and offers some helpful tips. If you are looking for step-by-step educational guidance and ready to learn QBO, this is the one. And this video is produced by Top International QuickBooks Trainer, VPController.

#QuickBooks – How do you print bank register in QBO

This feature is available although it is still on QuickBooks Labs stage right now.

It is a part of the “New Registers” feature at the labs.
To go to “QuickBooks Labs” and turn this feature on:
From the home page screen

  • Click Company Gear (upper right corner)
  • Click “QuickBooks Labs” under Settings
  • Turn on “New Register”
  • Done

Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them

Go to “Bank Register”:
From the home page screen

  • Left navigation bar
  • Click Transactions > selection menu will expand
  • Click Chart of Accounts
  • Select bank account in question and click “View Register” under Action column

The print icon is in the far right corner of Bank Register screen:
Note: When we tested this on 7/6/2015, Balance column was not showing actual balance rather just n/a.

Click “Small Gear” next to print icon and select “show in one line” box, it will give more selections.

Here is a sample of printed bank register. There is no customization at this point.

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How to undo bank reconciliation in QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) version?

Undo bank reconciliation feature is not available in any plans at this time. It is available in Accountant version only.

In order to UNDO IT,  first log in to your QBOA account

  • Go to Client home page screen
  • Click the company gear (upper right corner)
  • Click Reconcile under Tools
  • Select Bank Account to UNDO reconciliation
  • Hover your mouse cursor over the reconciliation month you want to undo (under Ending Balance or Auto Adjustment or any column) and as you are hovering you will see UNDO button to the right next to Auto Adjustment column
  • Select UNDO button
  • New Undo Reconciliation screen will open
  • Click OK
  • Next, Success screen will open
  • Click OK again

It will longer be on the Reconciliation History & Reports list.

qboa undo button
qboa undo button
qboa undo reconciliation screen
qboa undo reconciliation screen

NOTE: If you need to sign up for QuickBooks Online Accountant version, you can do it from here and the price is right (it’s FREE):

See QBOA signup screen below for reference.

qboa signup
qboa signup

How-to UNDO bank reconciliation tutorial video

How do I get a report (or print a report) containing just my Bank Register in new QuickBooks Online?

Since you cannot print directly from the Bank Register, you will need to use the built-in ACCOUNT QUICK REPORT from the Chart of Accounts. You will get the same information as you would see on the Bank Register.

From the home page screen

  • Select the Company Gear (upper right corner)
  • Select Chart of Accounts under Settings heading
  • Highlight the bank account your want to print
  • Click Report blue button
  • You can customize the report more by clicking Customize button and also change Transaction Date if needed.


We were able to view the bank register and make corrections, etc. in old QBO. Now with the new QBO, we need to be able to have the same access and features before.

If manage user’s access level has not changed, you should be able to edit transactions from the bank (check) register in new QuickBooks.

From the blue navigation bar on the left > select Transactions > select Registers > Locate and double click on the bank account to edit

It will take to “Bank Register” screen. Highlight entry, make change and save. Four tabs bar will also open. If you click on “Edit” button, it will take to originally entry form.

You cannot change the “type” of expense transaction. For example, you cannot change from “Expense” type “Bill” type transaction. For that you will need to delete the transaction and create new type of transaction.