How do I make sure the attachments on my invoices go with email

How do I make sure the attachments on my invoices go with email

You can send an invoice with an attachment to an email address. Just to make sure that the “Attach to email” box is checked with the attachment that goes with the invoice.

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How to verify all my expenses have receipts attached in QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

Once you have recorded transactions you can verify which transactions have receipts attached and find out the missing ones from Expense Transactions page.

From the home page screen > Left navigation bar > Transactions > Expenses

  • Go to the far right and select baby gear (next export to excel icon and print list icon)
  • Choose select more
  • Select “Attachments” checkbox
  • Page will auto refresh with added paper clip icon column (next to action)
  • All attached will show with number of receipts
  • Missing receipts column will remain blank until receipt attached

Note: For uploading receipts in BATCH action, use ATTACHMENTS from the List feature

From the home page screen > company gear (upper right corner) > lists > attachments > click PAPER CLIP icon to upload receipts from the computer. You can then attach a file (receipts) directly from the Expenses Transactions page.

verify receipts column1

We have just upgraded and want to take a photo of a receipt and upload it to our expenses. Is this through an app? It was one of main reasons for upgrading to new QuickBooks Online.

You can do this directly through QuickBooks Online.

  •  First save the photo file to your computer.
  •  Bring up the expense and at the bottom left is Attachments.
  • Either drag and drop or click the paper clip to browse to the location of the file.

You can batch upload photos from your computer (or other devices) to new QuickBooks Online.

From Home page screen

  • Go the Company “Gear” icon (located at top right hand corner, next to company name)
  • Select “Attachments” under Lists heading
  • Click “Paper Clip” attachments icon and follow the instructions
  • Maximum size limit is 25MB.
  • You can even create Invoice or enter Expense with attachment from here. Just select from ACTION dropdown selector on far right.
  • See screenshot photo for reference.

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