How to set up vendor payment term where all bills are due month-end of the following month? For example, April vendor bills are due on 31st of May.

To setup “Term” in new QuickBooks Online: From the homepage screen Select the Company Gear (upper-corner) Select “All Lists” under Lists heading Select “Terms” Select “New” button New Term screen will open Name = Due following month end (or name as needed) Select “Due following month end” Enter “31” day of month Under Due the […]

How to post payment against a vendor before invoice received?

If you are trying to post payment by CHECK against a vendor/supplier before invoice received, see this will work for you. From the home page screen Select Create “+” sign (upper-middle) Select Check form under Vendors Select Vendor/Supplier and provide other information Select Account = Account Payable Under Account Details header Save This will leave […]

How do I add a credit for a vendor (supplier) without any open bills? I also like to see this credit in Vendor’s Center.

It involves three steps process. Step # 1 Issue Vendor Credit (+ sign > Vendor Credit under Vendors) Make sure to use the same account originally used Step # 2 Deposit refund to the bank (+ sign > Bank Deposit under Other) Received From = Vendor’s Name Account = Accounts Payable (A/P) Step # 3 […]

How to set it up and enter bank Line of Credit (LOC) transactions in new QuickBooks Online?

To track a line of credit (LOC) extended to your business, create a liability account with an opening balance of zero in your Chart of Accounts. From the Home page screen Go to the Company Gear (right upper-corner) Select Chart of Accounts under Settings header Select blue “New” button (right corner) New “Account” information screen will open Category […]

How do I record negative (credit) Vendor (Supplier) Bill in new QuickBooks Online?

How do I record negative Vendor bill? If it’s for vendor’s (or supplier’s) credit bill: Click Create “+” sign in the middle (see attached screenshot below for reference) Select “Vendor Credit” under Vendors It will leave credit balance on Accounts Payable under Vendor’s Name. New QuickBooks Online Plus – How to enter various expenses in […]

Where to enter credit for returned items or purchases in new QuickBooks Online?

(1) Try “Vendor Credit” form (from create “+” sign > Vendor Credit under Vendors header) If you are using “Enter Bill” form to enter vendor bill and returning to the same vendor, you could use Vendor Credit form. It will show negative Vendor balance. (2) For returning credit for Credit Card purchases > use Credit […]

Why isn’t Quickbooks Online noticing when same Vendor Bill is entered twice?

Why isn’t Quickbooks Online noticing when same Vendor Bill is entered twice? It isn’t picking up the invoice number has been entered before….Is this a bug or something you have removed? It used to give us a notice that the bill has been entered. From the Home page screen Go Company Gear Select Company Settings […]

What is the different between Expense form and Check form under Vendors heading in new Quickbooks Online?

Check form is to record written manual checks or to enter computer checks to be printed. This entry will reduce bank balance. Expense form is to record all banking withdrawal type transactions except Check. New QuickBooks Online Plus – How to enter various expenses in new QBO? QuickBooks Online (QBO) Tutorial – Customer Invoice, Sales […]

How to clear Vendor unpaid bills paid by other party or other loan payable account?

It involves one additional entry. Open new “Bank Clearing Account” under Bank type Go to Pay Bills (+ sign > Pay Bills under Vendor Heading) Select Payment Account = Bank Clearing Account Select Hand-written check (Starting Check No.) = some payment reference number (or Loan from..) Click Pay Bills button Next step is to write […]