How to create an Invoice to your Customer for Products Services Items provided by the Vendor

How to add Billable Expenses to an existing already created Invoice

Open an existing invoice. Look for an arrow pointing left at the top right corner (right to BALANCE DUE). Click that arrow You will find the Billable Expense sitting there and click Add. You will notice line item from the existing invoice and added a billable expense line item. Delete line item from an existing […]

What is ‘Copy to Bill’ at the right side under the Expenses tab

If you have created a Vendor Purchase Order, you will see “Copy to bill” on the right side. You can convert the PO to a Vendor Bill. If you’ve already created Bill (Check or Expense) for that PO, you can choose “Add to” from the right panel, then it will close the PO.

How to manually add few missing credit card transactions that were not in bank feed

How to manually add few missing credit card transactions that were not in bank feed For missing bank feed credit card transactions, you should be able to manually enter bank transactions directly to the Credit Card Register in QuickBooks. Here is how to manually enter my credit card transactions without downloading from the Bank. From […]

How do you set up multiple accounts for 1099 MISC Box 7 in Quickbooks Online

You can select “Multiple accounts” to report in Box 7 on the 1099Misc. You should see that option with the Prepare 1099s under Accounts #2 tab (see screenshot).(From the left dashboard > Expenses > Vendors > Click Prepare 1099s at the top right right corner > Continue your 1099s > Go to #2 Accounts > […]

How to enter prepayment to the vendor supplier. How do I match vendor bill received later?

You have two ways of recording the transactions depending on the type of supplier pre-payment. Is it quick turn around or will it take a longer time to complete the job or service? 1) When you make vendor pre-payment, use Accounts Payable (A/P) under Account tab. When supplier bills you, create a Vendor Bill in […]

How to handle vendor subcontractor retainage retention in QuickBooks Online

Let’s get started. Follow the step-by-step instructions. Example: A vendor/subcontractor perform work on our behalf, we deduct 20% of the bill amount as Retention when we pay them. This is to protect us from any potential liability out of their faulty work. How do I record it in Quickbooks? 1. To set up sub-contractor retainage […]

Partial Purchase Orders in QBO

Partial Purchase Orders feature is available in QBO plus now. You can create a purchase order for both accounts and items tabs. Item tab is more for inventory items. Account tab is an expense that adds directly to Profit and Loss. You can now receive partial shipments and the PO will remain open for back […]

Why Does Vendor Register Not Show All Transactions Made For That Vendor

Why Does Vendor/Supplier Register Not Show All Transactions Made For That Vendor/Supplier In Vendor Register, only transactions that affect Accounts Payable (Bill/Pay Bills) appear in the register. You will need to run Transaction List by Vendor to see all the payment transactions.

How to merge vendors suppliers with transactions

You can merge vendors, QuickBooks deletes one vendor and reassigns all its data to another vendor. IMPORTANT: YOU CANNOT REVERSE A MERGE AFTER THAT. In the left navigation bar, click Vendors. Select the vendor whose name you don’t want to use. Click Edit. Change the vendor’s Display Name so that it is the same as […]