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How to get Free QuickBooks Online QBO with Class Location Inventory for Your Books

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Passing credit card fee as a surcharge to the customer if paid by credit card or debit card

First of all, you should check the state laws to see this is even legal in your state for charging a surcharge to your customers for using a debit/credit card, they vary from state to state. It’s also as part of the Intuit Payments Merchant Agreement. Refer to #3 No Surcharge part of Merchant Agreement […]

TIPS: QBO automated sales tax feature to accurately compute local city, county taxes

In many states, they also have additional taxes for local in addition to state sales tax. Example: How to properly create Invoice to calculate a 6.5% sales tax in Florida, Orange County. (6% State and 0.5% City). The new automated QBO sales tax feature can be accurate if you following the following steps: It’s best […]

QBO Annual Purchase Plan Offer (Annual Billing Plan)

Intuit just announced a new offer for QuickBooks Online! NEW users can save more per year if they sign up for the annual billing plan vs. the monthly plan. Check out the ongoing offer below: QBO Plus Annual Plan — $567 per year ($47.25 per month) QBO Essentials Annual Plan — $323 per year ($26.92 […]

How to create a Statement for a sub-customer / sub-client in QB Online

Here’s how to create a statement for a sub-customer or sub-client in QBO: Hover your mouse on the Sales tab on the left Dashboard. Select Customers. Click on the sub-customers name. Switch to the “Customer Details” tab. Click the Edit button at the top right. Now you’re on Customer information window. Under “Is sub-customer”, one […]

How to send one Invoice for multiple different projects to one main Customer in QBO

Next-day deposits for QuickBooks Payments | Bank transfer (ACH) payments | Credit card payments

Next-day deposits for QuickBooks Payments | Bank transfer (ACH) payments | Credit card payments For more detailed info, check out this QBO article. (Posting this for educational purpose only). With QuickBooks Payments, you can get your credit card and bank transfer payments deposited the next business day. Find answers to frequently asked questions about next-day […]

How to wipe out QBO company data file and create an empty Chart of Accounts COA

If you have Essentials (or higher) plan and your account has been active for 60 days or less, you can wipe out your company data file and also create a new chart of accounts at the same time if you want. To wipe the data and create a new COA from your QuickBooks Online account: […]