QuickBooks Online File Size and Feature Limits

QuickBooks Online does not have a file size limit. However, if you enter huge amounts of data, you may experience a reduction in response times. Note for US customers only: For information on the limits of exporting desktop data into QBO, see Export limitations (US). https://community.intuit.com/articles/1145409-export-limitations For example, if you enter as many as 3,500 […]

How do I fix unapplied cash payment income and unapplied cash bill payment expense

You may see two accounts for UNAPPLIED cash payments if you report Profit and Loss on a cash basis. It will automatically trigger to these two accounts simply because you have entered certain deposit and payment transactions differently than normal flow in QBO. These two accounts are automatically added to the Chart of Accounts when […]

What are the specific reports available in Simple Start version of Quickbooks Online

Simple Start plan may be the best value for the bucks if your business just needs to sync bank accounts to the QuickBooks, categorize transactions and generate Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and other basic financial reports. These are the built-in standard reports available in Simple Start plan (June 2018). Business Overview (12 reports): Audit […]

Our top 10 QBO improvements list of 2015

1. Permanently delete-excluded bank transactions 2. Mark a bank transaction as a billable expense and assign it to a customer 3. Collapse the left navigation bar 4. Multi-currency support 5. Add custom reports to your management reports packages 6. Hide sensitive data from limited access users on Customers and Vendors pages 7. Hide account balances […]

QuickBooks Online Support Phone Number

They have different phone numbers for specific topics. Try 1-800-488-7330 for QuickBooks Online Support. Expect wait time thirty minutes plus. Here is contact us link to their website.

Build a website with content. People will come. #QBFirmOfTheFuture

First, thank you to all 180 countries for visiting our website newqbo.com! We have been building a website that has a ton of quality content. Here, you learn QuickBooks! And, share your knowledge! It is great to know you are sharing your QBO knowledge with your friends and colleagues. Many people have also told us […]