QuickBooks Online Payroll – Print Reprint Payroll Paystubs Paychecks Checks Printer Setting FAQ

The first time you run payroll, you’ll probably handwrite paychecks on your personal or business account, and then print out pay stubs for your employees. If you set up direct deposit from your bank to your employees’ bank accounts, you can print stubs on payday. You can also choose to set up paycheck printing using […]

Intuit Online Payroll Account Changes in March

Intuit Online Payroll Account Changes in March* The Intuit Payroll Team In our world of ever-changing and increasingly advanced cyber attacks, Intuit must continually work to enhance our systems and adapt to new security threats. More than 30 million people trust Intuit with their personal and financial information, and we take the job of protecting […]

Resolve payroll tax overpayments or underpayments

Resolve tax overpayments or underpayments QuickBooks Help From the article: Why do I have an overpayment? The most common causes of tax overpayments and underpayments are: Incorrectly entered tax rate; in particular, the state unemployment insurance (SUI) rate. Paychecks added or deleted after the tax payment was approved for the payroll period. Incorrect reconciliation of […]

Does QuickBooks automatically adjust employer payroll tax rates at the beginning of a new year

QuickBooks Online automatically updates the federal tax rates. However, for state taxes, you’ll need to manually edit your State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) and State Disability Insurance (SDI) tax rates for this year (if necessary) through the Payroll Settings. Here’s how to do it: Click on the Gear icon. Choose Payroll Settings. Click on the Tax […]

How to enter or change state unemployment insurance (SUI) tax rates

How to enter or change state unemployment insurance (SUI) tax rates QuickBooks Help From the article: This article provides steps to enter or change your State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) rate as well as setting the effective date …  

How do I change an employee’s last name due to marriage

How do I change an employee’s last name due to marriage in QuickBooks Online Payroll? The employee name will need to be changed on the employee edit page. To edit the employee name: Click Employees on the left panel. Click the name of the employee to open the employee record. Click Edit employee at the […]

How do I add this one-time bonus properly to Quickbooks payroll

This is how to handle employee bonus in QuickBooks Payroll. You will first need to add a Bonus type under the employee profile and then you run either just a Bonus check alone or the regular check with the Bonus amount. You will need to take the following steps to process the bonus check: To […]

There was a new employee missed paycheck. How to make a new payroll check after payroll has already been run and printed

It is very easy to run a new paycheck. To run a payroll for one of your Employees, you can follow these steps: From the home page screen, go to Employees on the left navigation bar. Click Run Payroll on the upper right-hand corner. Change the Pay Period (see attached screenshot below) and Pay Date […]

How to create bonus on my employee’s paycheck in QBO Payroll

There are two ways to create bonus paycheck to your employee in QBO Payroll. 1) Regular Payroll Check 2) Separate Payroll Check Here are the steps to create a bonus with a regular paycheck: On the left panel, click the Employees tab. Select an employee you wish to add this pay type. Click on the […]