How to import QuickBooks QBB file to QuickBooks Online QBO

QBB is a file extension for a backup file format used by Quickbooks desktop.There is no way to directly import QBB file to QuickBooks Online (QBO).You will need QuickBooks desktop version program to restore this backup company file. Here is more information on how to restore a backup company file in QB desktop version: You […]

Guide to importing inventory from QuickBooks Desktop older than 2015

If you have QuickBooks Desktop file older than 2015 with inventory items and try to convert to QBO, read this article first. You will need 2015 or newer version to import inventory properly. They offer you the latest trial version. Click here for trial links. This is for US version only. Note: Even with this […]

QuickBooks Desktop QBD trial to export or import into QuickBooks Online QBO – US UK CA

This QuickBooks article is helpful for: 1) If you have QuickBooks desktop QBD company file saved on computer hard drive or on external hard drive storage and you need to export that file to QuickBooks Online QBO. This means you have backup company file but no actual QuickBooks desktop program. 2) If you want to […]

How to limit the number of years of information when converting from QuickBooks Desktop to Online version

You can use the Condense Data Utility in QuickBooks Desktop (In the menu bar, click File, then Utilities and then Condense Data) to condense company file data. To do this task: In the menu bar, select File and then Utilities and then Condense Data. In the first window of the wizard, select Transactions before a […]

How to import a QuickBooks desktop backup company file to QuickBooks Online?

It’s not possible to import a QuickBooks desktop backup file directly into QuickBooks Online. If you only have a backup and don’t have QuickBooks desktop installed on your computer, you will first need to install a trial version of QuickBooks on your computer. Follow the steps below: Download and install a QuickBooks Trial: Windows Desktop […]

We had our file imported into QB Online and now notice that nothing shows reconciled. The check mark is missing from all the transactions . How is this fixed?

It is part of the QBDT to QBO import limitations process, they forgot to mention it. Here is my take on how to solve it in QBO? If you still have access to QuickBooks desktop file, print bank reconciliations report (preferably for the last three months for record). Let’s say you have done reconciliation through […]