QuickBooks Online Progress Invoicing

QuickBooks Online is introducing Progress Invoicing which is still in “beta test” mode as of writing this blog article in February 2018. That means there could still be significant changes until they wrap up the beta test. Progress Invoicing feature allows you to invoicing a client incrementally for the percentage (or fixed dollar amount) that has been completed of the work due or agreed upon the contract. This could be considered a type of partial invoicing or a type of installment invoicing to your clients.

This is a welcome addition to QuickBooks Online since this is ranked #2 feature request on QuickBooks feedback page.

Introduce Progress Invoicing

To get started – you will first need to turn on Progress Invoicing setting
This will also enable different settings such as “Convert Estimate to Invoice”.

  1. Go to Gear at the upper right corner
  2. Account and Settings under Your Company section (or Company Settings under Settings tab if QBO Accountant version
  3. Select “Advanced”
  4. Go to the Automation settings
  5. Check the box to turn on “Enable Progress Invoicing” and click Save
  6. This will also turn on “Copy estimates to invoices” and click OK
  7. Click Done button



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How to create a Progress Invoice

There are two ways to get to the Progress Invoicing options:

From the Estimate:

1. Click on Estimate, and enter your entire amount for your project/job
2. Once the Estimate is saved, click on Copy to Invoice on the upper right of the Estimate
3. Choose if you want:
a) Entire amount: all the lines are invoiced at 100% of the Estimate.
b) Partial amount based on a percentage: all the lines are invoiced at a percent of the Estimate. You can edit the line amounts or percent
c) Custom amount: all lines on the invoice are shown at 0% but you can edit each line


From the Invoice:

1. If a prior Estimate has been created, select “Invoice” from either the Customer or + button
2. In the drawer on the right-hand side, add the Estimate to the Invoice
3. Choose if you want:
a) Entire amount: all the lines are invoiced at 100% of the Estimate.
b) Partial amount based on a percentage: all the lines are invoiced at a percent of the Estimate. You can edit the line amounts or percent
c) Custom amount: all lines on the invoice are shown at 0% but you can edit each line



Save the Invoice. Now on your Estimate, you can see the Amount Invoiced and Amount Remaining.
Remaining is based on the amount invoiced per line.



How to delete a line on a Progress Invoice

To delete a line on a Progress Invoice, click on the trashcan on the right side of the line, and choose Remove Line (do not choose to unlink it). This removes the line from the Invoice and puts the amount back on the Estimate.


Printed Invoices:

The “due” column and Estimate/Invoice Summary will not show on the printed Progress Invoice at this time, but the invoice for your Customer will have all the calculations for progress invoicing.

If you like to see improved customize data layout (like added new columns) that you see on Invoice form and Estimate form, send them your feedback request, click here.

How to see which Invoices are included in the Progress Invoice

  • Go to the Estimate
  • At the top will show linked transactions which are the Invoices attached to the Estimate


How to see which Estimate was used to create the Progress Invoice

  • Go to the Invoice
  • At the top will show the linked transactions to the Estimate type attached to the Invoice



How to see what was previously invoiced by line
Go to the Invoice

  • On each line on the right-hand side, there will be links.
  • Click on the link and it will show Estimate, previous Invoice, and amounts remaining for each line


Calculation of the total amount Remaining Amount:

The remaining amount does not include tax, discount or shipping. It only includes the line item amounts from the Estimate minus what has been invoiced for that line.

Can I invoice for an amount greater than the estimate?


If the estimate line is open, then you can invoice for an amount greater than the estimate.
Once the line on the estimate has been completely invoiced, it will not show as available to invoice.
If you want to still invoice it:
• Change the Estimate amount to the higher number and invoice it
• Add a non-progress line on the invoice

How to change a line on a Bundle
If you want to change or add component items to Bundles, go back to the Estimate, and add it there.

Price Rules (aka Price Levels) in QuickBooks Online

How to set up and use special pricing for selected or all customers in QuickBooks Online?
1. Setup New Customer Type (Dashboard > Sales > Customers > Customer types > New Customer type).
2. Turn on Price Rules (Gear > Your Company > Account and Settings > Sales > Products and Services > Turn on Price Rules).
3. Setup New Price Rules (Gear > Lists > Products and Services > Drop-down arrow under MORE > Price Rules).
4. Create Invoice or Sales Receipt (Create + sign > Customers) > Select (or use default) Price Rules under Rate column.

Educational and Instructional Video:

QuickBooks Online QBO Price Rules (aka Price Levels) – Special pricing for selected or all customers

Coming QBO Improvement – Price Rules (aka Price Level List on QB Desktop)

Manage your multiple price lists for different customer types with ease.
Eliminates the hassle of maintaining and remembering who gets what price for what items.

To turn the Price Levels ON in QBO (COMING FEATURE):
Gear at the upper right corner > Your Company > Account and Settings > Sales > Products and Services > Show Price Rules drop down on sales forms > ON > Save.

On Customer Information page, new ‘Additional Info’ field (next to Attachments) is added to enter Customer Type and Price Rules.

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When I send an email to my customers, how do they look

Here’s an example of how your customer will see the email.


a) From: Your Company Name
b) Subject: Invoice Number …. from Your Company Name


a) from: Your Company Name

b) reply-to: your email address

c) to: customer email address

d) cc: your email address (if you’ve selected email me a copy under messages settings under gear)

e) date: Sat, Feb 18, 2017, at 8:06 AM (format)

f) subject: Invoice I-20207 from Your Company Name

g) mailed-by: e.notification.intuit.com

h) signed-by: notification.intuit.com

This sample example is from Gmail.



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how to send an invoice late payment reminder to your customers

QuickBooks Online – how to send an invoice late payment reminder to your customers

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When you send an invoice to a customer and also carbon copy (cc) it to someone, will it show viewed if either person looks at the invoice or just the primary recipient

It will show as viewed whoever viewed it (primary or cc). If it’s viewed by both it will show as viewed twice.

Viewed Status Icon: If you open sales transactions (left navigation bar > transactions > sales) under status column, it will show many have opened the invoice and viewed it. It will show one black icon if viewed by one person or two black icons if viewed by both. See attached screenshot.

(Note: In case, you do not see Status column and need to add, go to middle Gear at the far right and select show more and add status column).


Invoice Activities: Open the invoice in question from the sales transactions or directly from customer center. Under activities (below invoice balance due, next in line to attachments), it will show invoice viewed with date and time record. But it is not possible to identify who actually viewed it (primary or cc person), especially if viewed by just one person unless one or both replied with the message. See attached screenshot.


How to create Accounts Receivable (A/R) Report for each Sales Rep (Salesman Report)

We will be using available Custom Fields, one for Sales Rep on Sales Forms (Invoice, Sales Receipt and Estimates). And, generate customized report to get Accounts Receivable for each Salesman Report. Since there is no way do it from the Customer Detail page. This page has no field for to include Sales Rep.

First, we will enable Custom Fields on. This feature is available in Essentials and Plus, but not in Simple Start.

From the home page screen > company gear (upper right corner) > settings > company settings > Sales > Sales form content > Custom fields > assign “Sales Rep” to custom fields > Check Internal and Public > OK > Done

Go to back to Invoice Form. Create Invoice. Assign Sales Rep on Invoice.

To generate report > From the home page screen > Go to blue navigation bar on the left > Reports > Go to report (magnifying glass) and type/select “A/R Aging Detail” report

Select Customize button (upper left) > Select “Change Columns” blue button inder Rows/Columns > Select “Sales Rep” from Available Columns list > Add > Move down or up to change order > OK

Go to Match > Sales Rep > Enter Name of Sales Person (as you have entered on Invoice)

Go Header/Footer > Change Report Title to: Customer Outstanding Invoices Report for Salesman by name (say Kathy as an example) > Run Report

Go to “Save Customizations” button > Name Custom Report (as you want it, say Kathy’s Report for example) > Add this report to a group by adding new name or selecting from existing list (optional) > Share this report with all company users (optional) > OK

Now, you have created and save Customized Report for Customer Outstanding Invoices Report for Kathy

You can follow the same steps to create customized report for each salesman.

Next time go to Reports and choose “My Custom Reports” and select Report from the list. Edit and Run Report as needed.

Watch Video Tutorial! We highly encourage you to watch the entire video. You do not want to miss a step!

1 Customer Information Page

2 Custom Fields

3 Invoice with Sales Rep Name

4 Customize AR Aging Detail

5 Select and Reorder Columns

6 Change Report Title Name

7 Customer Outstanding Invoices Report

8 Save Report Customizations


How do i find the date the invoice was sent to Customer/Client in new QuickBooks Online (QBO)?

From the home page screen

  • Select the blue navigation bar on the left
  • Select Customers/Clients Center
  • Select Customer/Client
  • Filter to show “Open Invoices”
  • Click the Invoice Sent link under Status column

Another way is to add “Last Delivered” columns under Transactions list. Select small gear icon (middle-right corner, just under Create new blue button)
See screenshot photos for reference.

Transactions Status Activities
Transactions Status Activities

Transactions Last Delivered Status
Transactions Last Delivered Status