How do I add additional billable time and expense to an already created current invoice

In order to add additional unbilled time and expense, first open existing invoice. You can open it directly from the create + sign, select invoice under customers, and from upper left corner select invoice in question to open from the recent transactions. You can also open directly from the customer’s page under customers center. Once […]

Is there a way to create a sales receipt from an estimate

QBO is not set up to go from Estimate to Sales Receipt at this time. Currently, you create Estimate and then “copy estimate to invoice” to create an Invoice. There is no partial copy so it’s done just one-time. You receive payment against that invoice. Workaround steps from Estimate to Invoice may also work as […]

How do you mark a bill as paid if paid by your parent company (not by your bank account or credit card)

First, you need to get some guidance from the parent company if they go through inter-company elimination process to prepare consolidated balance sheet report. In QBO create Intercompany Accounts Payable Account (not main Accounts Payable A/P) > you can select “Credit Card” Type > it will show as Credit Card group on the Balance Sheet. […]

How do I set up to pay owner? How do I show funds paid to owner in new QuickBooks Online?

Create Owner’s Draw account under Equity type Click Gear Select “Chart of Account” under Settings Select “New” button Category Type = Equity Detail Type = Owner’s Equity Name = Owner’s Draw Save New QuickBooks Online Plus – How to enter various expenses in new QBO? QuickBooks Online (QBO) Tutorial – Customer Invoice, Sales Receipt, Receive Payment, Bank Deposit

How can I search for transactions in new QuickBooks Online?

From the home page screen, click on the magnifying glass at the top middle of the page and choose “advanced search” You can search/find the following transactions: Bill Payments Billable Expense Charges Bills Charges Checks Credit Card Credits Credit Memos Credits Estimates Expenses Invoices Journal Entries Payments from Customers Purchase Orders Refunds Sales Receipts Sales […]