How to enter handwritten checks in QBO

You can enter written checks directly to the bank register in QBO. Here is how to manually enter my banking transactions: From the Left Dashboard > Accounting > Chart of Accounts Select Bank account. Click “View Register” under Action column. (You’re now on Bank Register). Select “Add” Check from the drop-down arrow (right below Date column). […]

What does checking Billable box do in QuickBooks Online

The billable feature is available only in QuickBooks Online with Plus plan. When you select “Billable” Expense checkbox field, you must also select a Customer/Project field each split line that is billable. If you don’t select Customer/Project field, you will get an error message. You can’t the save the transaction. (If you’ve Markup percentage turned […]

How does one print a memo line on a check

When you enter a check (create + sign > check), there is a memo section on the bottom left the side of the check (see attachment below). If you have text entered in that memo area, it will print on a check. However if you enter a bill (create + sign > bill), even if […]

In setting up my new QuickBooks file, how do I enter the existing bank account balance with outstanding uncleared checks

It really depends upon how they were reported in previous year’s Financial Statement Report. Let’s take examples and assume the ending bank balance per the bank statement is $11,000. There is also one check you wrote for $10,000 has not cleared the bank yet. In your books, the actual bank balance should be $1,000, right? […]

Owner paid a subcontractor with his own money. How to make sure Vendor shows up on 1099 and still able to write the reimburse check to the Company Owner

First, you will need to create a new dummy bank account. You will also need a due to the owner as a liability type account to use it for later reimbursement. Step#1 Use bank deposit form (create + sign > other > bank deposit) to record contributed amount by the owner to pay a contractor. […]

#QuickBooks – How do I enter and print reference information on voucher checks?

In QuickBooks Online, there is no feature setup to print reference number (or vendor bill number) on voucher checks. Reference number comes directly from entered bill number field.   Here is a sample of Voucher Check printout: Click on the screenshot below to enlarge it Reference column = entered vendor invoice number on “bill no.” […]