QBO Keyboard shortcuts and other ways to speed things up

You want it fast? Leverage keyboard shortcuts. They’re the quickest way to navigate QuickBooks so you can get in and out and back to business. These are the shortcuts that the team has built into the new QuickBooks so far: To pull up a list view of all your shortcuts, press [ctrl]+[alt or option]+[/ or […]

I would like to apply a percentage discount on just one item in my invoice. How can do it?

There is no way to set up a discount for a fixed amount at this time. This option for a % with subtotal is badly needed in new QuickBooks Online. I Suggest sending in your QuickBooks Online Feature Requests here: http://feedback.qbo.intuit.com/

How do you change date range on QBO QuickBooks Online home page so that the graphics permanently represent YTD or MTD?

There is no way to edit date range to make graphics permanently represent YTD or MTD.   #QuickBooks Online  

How do I stop any recurring invoices in QBO?

To stop a recurring transaction from recurring, you will either need to delete the recurring transaction, or edit the schedule so that it will not be regenerated. Here’s how to do it: First, click the gear in the upper right of your Home screen. Choose Recurring Transactions from the menu. Click the recurring transaction to select it. If you’d like to […]

I accidentally created an Invoice rather than an Estimate. How to change it to an Estimate?

There’s no way to convert that Invoice to an Estimate. QuickBooks Online doesn’t have a mechanism in place to create Estimates out of Invoices. You’ll have to manually create the Estimate and delete the Invoice.   #QuickBooks Online  

Where do I change the view to see inactive vendors and inactive customers?

From the blue navigation bar on the left Go to Customer center (or Vendor center) Go to “Settings” gear (located far right next to export to excel and print icons) Select to include inactive checkbox from the dropdown list (see screenshot photo for reference) If there is need to run inactive (or deleted) list/report Go […]

How to add multiple companies in QBO like in QB desktop version?

Unlike QuickBooks desktop version (where you can create as many multiple company files as you want), QuickBooks Online is per one company file subscription. You can only have one business or company file in one paid subscription account. You can add multiple companies with additional PAID subscriptions under your same login account.   #QuickBooks Online  

How to create a purchase order, receive inventory, enter bill and pay bill to vendor?

To create Purchase Order: GO to “+” sign (top middle) Select Purchase Order Create Purchase Order To receive inventory and enter bill: GO to “+” sign (top middle) Select “Bill” under Vendors heading Select “Vendor” from the list (top left) On right side “Purchase Order” add to link pop-up Click “Add” link It will automatically […]

How to edit Customer Information form?

From the homepage screen, go to blue navigation bar on the left Select Customer (that’s CUSTOMER CENTER) Locate Customer to edit Double click Customer Notice Edit (next to company name top right corner) Click on the screenshot below to enlarge it   #QuickBooks Online  

How to create my own invoice number?

GO to the Company Gear (upper right hand corner) Select “Company Setting” under Settings Select “Sales” under Settings  (or “Sales Form Entry” under Preferences) Check-box “Custom transaction number” (see attached screenshot below for reference) SAVE GO back to create new Invoice Click “+” plus sign Select “Invoice” under Customers Enter new “Invoice no.” (located at top […]