Record a tip or gratuity on Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Online

You can record tips (gratuities) directly to Sales Receipt form.

  1. To enable Tips in QBO:
    From the homepage dashboard, click Gear icon at the top.
    Select Account and Settings under Your Company.
    Select Sales.
    Choose “Tips (Gratuity)” under Sales form content.
    “Who’s receiving these tips?” a screen will open. Select the correct account (income or liability).

For Income, select “Just me”. This means you’re recording tips earned by you.
For liability, select “My team”. This means you’re recording tips earned by your employees/contractors to be distributed later.

Who’s receiving these tips? 
This will automatically create “Airy New” template. Currently, Tips template is only available in Airy style.

The default Tips account can be changed from (Just me to My team or vice versa) from Gear Account/Settings under the Advanced tab. Change Tips account from the Chart of Accounts.

Chart of accounts > Tips account

Tips can also enabled from inside the GoPayment POS App.

GoPayment App Tips settings

Currently, Tips feature is only available on Sales Receipts (not on Invoices).


How do you set up multiple accounts for 1099 MISC Box 7 in Quickbooks Online

You can select “Multiple accounts” to report in Box 7 on the 1099Misc. You should see that option with the Prepare 1099s under Accounts #2 tab (see screenshot).
(From the left dashboard > Expenses > Vendors > Click Prepare 1099s at the top right right corner > Continue your 1099s > Go to #2 Accounts > Under Box 7, select Multiple accounts from the Chart of Accounts).

You can also refer to this article for more information:


How to import QuickBooks QBB file to QuickBooks Online QBO

QBB is a file extension for a backup file format used by Quickbooks desktop.
There is no way to directly import QBB file to QuickBooks Online (QBO).
You will need QuickBooks desktop version program to restore this backup company file. Here is more information on how to restore a backup company file in QB desktop version:

You can then import from the QB program itself (a QBW file) to QuickBooks Online (QBO). If you need to download a 30-day free trial program, see the link below.

Here is a helpful article that should walk you through the conversion from QBDT to QBO process:

Can Import transactions from Mint into Quickbooks Online

Currently, there’s no process of importing transactions from directly to QuickBooks Online (QBO), nor can it export information from QBO to Mint. If its all bank transactions, then you may be able to export from Mint as a CSV (comma-separated values) file. But it’s the same thing as importing directly from your bank account.

When you first connect your account, QuickBooks typically downloads up to the last 90 days of transactions.

You can import the bank feed prior to 90 days (or for missing transactions) using the following two methods:

1) Web Connect (QBO format):

(Some banks offer to download QBO format. You will need to check with your bank).

2) Excel (CSV format):

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How to send customers clients batch reminders by email on past due invoices

Here is how to send customers clients batch reminders by email on past due invoices in QuickBooks Online:
From the left dashboard > Click Sales tab > Select All Sales > Click Unpaid Last 365 Days (Overdue) Money Bar > Optional: Go to middle Gear at the far right, click “Show more” link and add “Email” column. This is to ensure you’ve email address for customers. > Select “Select All” checkbox (left of Batch actions) > Choose Batch actions drop-down and select “batch Reminders” > Done. It will send customers batch reminders by email.

Currently, there is no option to send reminders automatically when the invoices are due.

Here is our video tutorial:

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How do I view or print previous bank reconciliation reports in QuickBooks Online QBO

To view or print the previous bank reconciliation report:

1. From the left Dashboard, select Reports.
2. Go to “For my accountant” section and select Reconciliation Reports.
3. Select Account. Select Report period.
4. Select “Statement Ending Date”.
5. Click “View Report” under Action column.
6. Click Print icon to print the report.

How to undo bank reconciliation in QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA) version?